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The Rev. Meredith Holt Crigler | Trinity Episcopal Church, Baytown

A Selection of Sermons:


Sep 24, 2020

...“Do you not yet understand?”

Honest? No, we don’t. I mean sometimes we do and everything is good and pleasant and we are praising God with timbrel and song. And sometimes, something hits the fan and it gets ugly and we get bitter and say in our hearts Enough! And we forget or do not right remembering that with God there is enough, more than enough. From what I have read throughout the scriptures and what I have experienced in my own life… this is part of our human condition. And here is the thing: God knows this. God knows us. 

And God loves us. No matter what we say or do God will continue to give us this day our daily bread for God has given us the bread of life in Jesus. And through Jesus all of who we are— our whole selves —the good the bad the ugly, the pleasant and the bitter are wrapped up in God’s saving arms. Beloved, I hope that you know that. Imagine with me: God looking with love on our weary, bitter, emotional hearts and saying: ‘bring it in.’ (beckoning a hug). Come to me. Lay it all down. I know everything is not fine. I will provide. I’ve got you.