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The Rev. Meredith Holt Crigler | Trinity Episcopal Church, Baytown

A Selection of Sermons:


Jan 17, 2021

...God is persistently calling. God is here and present and with us all the . And no in some sort of “po ani”  way, but God is all in  — we see this most clearly (not dim eyes) on the cross. Beloved, God says to us: hineni.

And so, when God calls out to you, whether it is in the dead of the night with a calm, clear voice, or a whisper that slips in among the chatter, or in the words of another— however it may be. May you be like Abraham and Jacob and Moses and Isaiah and Samuel. And I whole myriad of women whose voices weren’t recorded: May you say, hineni. May you recognize the presence of God in world. May you, like Eli, start to see where you are complicit in the work of scoundrels. May you, like Samuel begin to know — not just know about— our God. And when your eyes grow dim, remember the lamp has not gone out. May the Light of the world illumine your life so that in the words of our collect, you “may shine with the radiance of Christ’s glory.” However long it may take you, however ridiculous it may be, listen for God and have the courage to say,  hineni. 


My original version of this sermon was first preached at the San Jacinto Youth Convocational Lock-in/St. Mary’s in 2012 and again in 2015. What can I say, this passage of scripture and its interpretation is a core part of my canon.